Ecopra Kit component

  ‘s universal plasma reactor (GEET inspired )



  • universal  principle that can be adapted to all types of engines and generators
  • easy mounting and dismounting of kit which can be reused on other vehicle
  • quality components
  • same mounting principle for all types of engines
  • made in France by car parts manufacturing company
  • 1 Year guarantee

The Ecopra kit consists of 11 pieces

* A – The micro bubbler (diameter depending on the model of the exhaust)

The Bubbler design has changed see slideshow below image

* B – The reactor

* C – Scoop coupling

* D – Stainless hose

* E – Quick hose connection

* F – 5 Liter water reservoir

* G – Pipe thread sealant

* H – Tye strap fasteners

* I – Clamp

* J – Steel segment

o L – Water tube Ø10



Individual components






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